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Date:2002-04-19 21:57
Mood: bored

I am a fool, I know, for loving, and for saying so.
--John Donne

but why is it friday night and this town is DEAD? I went to the local coffee shop and there were all of 10 people in there, including staff ... DEAD, considering I usually have trouble finding a table immediately. No parties in town (that I can find). The only thing I can do is go drinking with guys I work with, but they just talk about work all night and I don't want that in the middle of my weekend. After that, they'd want to come to my place and play pool, but I can't do that until I get my cue back (Sent it to the manufacturer for repair because the butt piece had a rattling noise in it, and they're replacing it with a different model). I have to have my cue to kick their asses. I'm impotent with a $15 house cue after playing with my dead-sexy 2-piece cue :P

anyway, I'll stop bitching about how boring Austin is, because I could be back in Victoria or someplace like Kansas :P

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Date:2002-04-15 13:29
Subject:my phone would be wrong
Mood: hopeful

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

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Date:2002-04-15 12:34
Subject:i got a user icon :P
Mood: dirty

i took my webcam back from stinky-feet and I'll take some pictures of myself after I take a shower or something, but for now, I set my default icon to a picture of jesus sleeping ... ugh ...

I don't wanna do this week's homework, but it'll push me that much closer to failing if I don't ... :(

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Date:2002-04-15 01:26
Mood: pensive

Go take this lame little 8-question test (or was it 6 questions? not many) and figure out where you'd fit into medeival society ... I'm a black knight :P

(bah, removed the stupid image ... ugly ugly ugly)

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